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こんにちは! Thank you for visiting Kawa Kawa Learning Studio! We love Japanese language, and we believe that speaking more than one language (Japanese) can expand our world extensively. Our life becomes better when we speak more than one language because it gives us better job opportunities and a better lifestyle. We do a lot of traveling in Asia, language hacks, work abroad and travel guides in Japan. Feel free to contact us - info@3languageadventure.com if you have any questions and we might have your answer here.

The Story of Kawa kawa Learning StudioHow it started...

Where we started...

Kawakawa Learning Studio is an online Japanese language learning and study guide in Japan website designed to help international students, Japanese learners, and busy people to learn Japanese language and culture. Before Kawa Kawa Learning Studio was created, Queenie discovered that many people were struggling with their second language studies, Japanese because they lacked support from the local and educational system. With this in mind, Queenie decided to create Kawa Kawa Learning Studio with a team that loves Japanese language and culture to help more people to love Japanese language and culture.

Who is Queenie?

Queenie is the founder and the principal of Kawa Kawa Learning Studio. She started teaching languages and helping people to bring the best in themselves since 2006. She speaks five languages and has lived in 3 countries. It has been an adventure for her to work, live and travel in so many countries with the language skills that she has. She always believed that languages could connect people to the world and bring people closer when you speak their language. Thus, we, the Kawa Kawa Learning Studio team, are glad to share our language adventure with everyone here and make sure our learners truly benefit from what we offer and learn from us.

The missionWe share everything related to Japan - Japanese Language Learning, Study in Japan, Work in Japan and more

Adapt “Adapt” to a new culture in a situation different from your own When in Rome, do as the Romans do - in order to be successful in a situation different from your own, you need to adapt to the local customs, whatever they may be.

Learn “Learn” how to speak or improve the language fast and effective Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere - ;earn a lifelong skill to increase your opportunities in both personally and professionally.

Speak “Speak” a new language without stress If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart - speak from day one and get an accountability language coach to help you.

Kawa kawa Learning Studio TeamWe love Japanese languages and our mission is to help people to speak Japanese language without stress.

Queenie Kawabe Founder

enjoys teaching East Asian languages since 2006 and speaks five languages.
FUN FACT: She eats a lot!

Cody Soo Chief Operating Officer

has been living and working in Japan for 8 years. JLPT N1 Achiever.
FUN FACT: He loves breaded dragon!

Han Soo Head of Illustrator

loves anything related to storytelling, especially art & graphic, words, and music.
FUN FACTS: He sweats a lot!!

Roxanne Kawabe Japanese Voice Over

Graduated in Illustration and Art Performing Voice Over in Japan. Loves Anime and Manga.
Fun Fact: She loves cosplay!

Lily Cernak Japanese Writer

is a freelance artist and translator. She loves teaching drawing and Japanese.
FUN FACT: She loves cats.

An Duong Web Designer & Developer

Speak more than one language. Enjoy designing and drawing.
Fun Fact: She loves animation!


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