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Then you’re in the right place! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to study, work or play, Kawa Kawa Learning Studio is here to help you at every step of the way.

How? We help you expand your world through developing your language and communications skills or by getting to know a new culture. Everything we do is build around the 5 Pillars of Global Skills.

Maybe you want to improve your international career prospects. No problem, we’ve got interpersonal and business communications training that will help you go global.

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Queenie and the Team Kawa Kawa

Kawa Kawa Learning Studio started as an online Chinese and Japanese language learning and study guide. Our founder, Queenie, discovered that many people were struggling with learning Chinese andJapanese. All because they weren't taught the culture and practical usage of the language. With this in mind, Queenie created Kawa Kawa with a team of Chinese and Japanese language and culture fans. Our goals was simple... help people learn Japanese and discover it's amazing culture.


We went from teaching people the basics of Japanese to ‘one-on-one’ mentoring and virtual classroom sessions. Before we knew it we were organizing study abroad and cultural exchange trips for our students. And then we started doing the exact same thing for people who want to learn Cantonese and English! We weren’t just a little group of dedicated friends teaching and sharing their love of the Japanese language anymore. Thanks to our awesome students, we ended up growing into something more.


It was at this point that we realized that what Kawa Kawa does best is helping people develop the skill to study, work and live anywhere with confidence. So we set out to build a platform where people from all over the world can come and build their global future through 5 Pillars of Global Skills.

OUR MISSIONWe share everything related to Japan - Japanese Language Learning, Study in Japan, Work in Japan and more

Get Language & Culture Power Meet new people, explore new places and build a global career. Open up a whole new world of opportunity for yourself.

Be a Better Communicator Want to make friends and influence people? Learn how to connect with new people across cultures.

Turbocharge Your Career Improve your workplace relationships and increase your global career opportunities.

OUR TEAMMeet the people behind Kawa Kawa Learning Studio. We’re here to help you get ready for your global future.

Queenie Kawabe Founder

enjoys teaching East Asian languages since 2006 and speaks five languages.
FUN FACT: She eats a lot!

Cody Soo Chief Operating Officer

has been living and working in Japan for 8 years. JLPT N1 Achiever.
FUN FACT: He loves breaded dragon!

Han Soo Head of Illustrator

loves anything related to storytelling, especially art & graphic, words, and music.
FUN FACTS: He sweats a lot!!

Roxanne Kawabe Japanese Voice Over

Graduated in Illustration and Art Performing Voice Over in Japan. Loves Anime and Manga.
Fun Fact: She loves cosplay!

Lily Cernak Japanese Writer

is a freelance artist and translator. She loves teaching drawing and Japanese.
FUN FACT: She loves cats.

An Duong Web Designer & Developer

Speak more than one language. Enjoy designing and drawing.
Fun Fact: She loves animation!


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