A small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent in your Japanese language learning adventure!

Learn Languages with us

We teach entrepreneurs, language learners, primary & high school students, busy and successful people who struggle to learn to speak more than one language - Japanese. We help them get exactly what they want, which is to adapt to a new culture, learn to speak fast and effectively without stress.

Lessons specific
to your needs

Private mentoring sessions are tailored to each student. We understand that students have different levels, strengths, weakness and other commitments. So, your lesson will be unique to you and you will receive a lot of attention and motivation from me.

Engaging and Fun

Our students love our lessons because we use interesting and fun teaching online tools to engage with my students. I will talk about real-life topics, do role-plays and share. Learning a new language is fun and easy, and it is possible to speak from day 1.

Clear and Simple
Explanation on Grammar

Grammar can be difficult to learn. With our mentoring program, you will learn grammar in a clear and simple context in the session. We use grammar in context by using conversation, asking questions, and reading stories or articles.

integrate Knowledge
of Culture

Japanese is not all about the language but the culture too. You will learn a lot about Japanese culture while you are learning the Japanese words. With our mentoring program, you will learn the difference between Japanese culture and your culture.

Real Progress in Action

The only thing that will stop you from learning and making real progress is the limits you put on yourself. It is always good to have an accountability language teacher to help you and guide you to the simplest way to speak e fluently. I know the rapid learning method, and we want to teach you to be a fluently foreigner. It is a lifelong skill.

Learn, Think and Speak

Learn the language, not translate it! You will learn the specific words in each session, and we will teach you how to use them correctly. Think Japanese in your head from day 1, and if you make mistakes, that’s great because you learn better from your mistakes. Speak Japanese whenever you have the chance even when you are not in Asia.

How It Works? This is what an online lesson looks like when taking private lessons with me.

Benefits of YOUR mentoring session

  • Cheaper option to the language class program in a private school.
  • Highly flexible (cancel anytime and adapt to your schedule)
  • Make steady and faster progress even if you are busy
  • Unlimited writing correction and support service outside the class (you can send me a text message or email your questions when you have a burning question)
  • Learn a new language with an interactive whiteboard, like you are sitting in the class
  • Learn Japnese at anytime, anywhere you want
  • Personal to you. Session is tailor made for your individual needs.
  • Learn with a Japanese teacher. You will have an intensive one-hour session instead of listening to other students trying to speak Japanese.
  • No commuting time is required when you have a lesson with me via Skype. You can study at anytime and anywhere as long you have good internet access.

Send us an email at info@kawakawalearningstudio.com

Pricing plans

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