Our Vision & Mission


Create the joy of teaching/learning for K-12 students and millennials to make an impact on life, career, and study through language, travel, and experience for the 21st century by 2030.


Kawa Kawa Learning Studio is an online language educational platform that provides language skills, study trips, and cross-cultural skills through coaching, online courses, and workshops with experts.

Our Story


Queenie Kawabe, the founder of Kawa Kawa Learning Studio, who has been teaching languages and helping students become better learners at school with active learning techniques since 2006.

Over the years, Queenie has taught in a variety of educational industries and discovered that many teens and young people were struggling with their school works and feeling lost for their future because they were uncertain the future.


Kawa Kawa Learning Studio strives to create a healthy, confident, authentic learning ecosystem where it connects parents, students, schools, and society for the 21st-century learning.

Queenie and her team believe that the capacity to change rapidly and apply new skills is paramount for the 21st-century. The future is uncertain, but Kawa Kawa Learning Studio is prepared to help the next generation.


Queenie and her teams want to help more K-12 students and young people in the next decade because they have been there and believe that teens and young people should build a strong language skill and self-awareness to succeed in life, work and study.

Our Key Principles For The 21st Century Learning

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Everyone is unique and one learning style doesn’t fit all.

We believe that all students have different needs, strengths, weaknesses, and backgrounds.

With our team, we help each individual student establish their needs and strengths so they can perform to the best of their own way and fulfill their highest potential.

A Growth Mindset

A student with a growth mindset constantly make mistakes and improve.

We believe that students who are readiness. They are fully prepared for Curiosity, Creativity and Challenge.

With our team, we help you improve your critical-thinking and collaboration to build a strong relationship with people.

Clarity Is King

A successful leader is a patient listener and an effective communicator.

We believe that students should have a growth mindset and invest in oneself without shortcuts.

With our team, we don’t teach you how to memorize words or translate sentences. We teach you how to speak clearly and confidently so you can make an impact in life, school, and work with languages skills and cross-cultural skills

Kawa Kawa Learning Studio Team Meet the people behind Kawa Kawa Learning Studio. We’re here to help you get ready for your global future.

Queenie Founder

Cody Academic Advisor

Han Illustrator

Lily Japanese Editor and Teacher

An Duong Web Designer & Developer

Marijo Social Media Manager


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