24 Ways to Say Chinese Filler Words

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Do you often use these filler words in English – “Oh well, yeah, yup, you know, really, right”? And wondering if there are any Chinese filler words. The answer is “Yes”, we often use terms such as 嗯 ēn,是吗? shì mǎ?, 真的假的? zhēn de jiǎ de?and many more when we are having a conversation with friends. However, China is a big country, and there are many Chinese filler words can be used in different situation.

Let me break it down for you with a brief English explanation and a few real examples.

Here are 24 Ways to Say Chinese Filler Words

1.To agree with someone when they are talking about a particular topic, you say

  • 嗯 ,嗯。 ēn, ēn 。- lit. Yeah
  • 就是。jiù shì 。- lit. Right
  • 没错儿。méi cuòr 。- lit. That’s right
  • 对对对。duì duì duì 。- lit. Yup,
  • 确实是。què shí shì – lit. Indeed
  • 有道理 yǒu dào li – lit. Make sense, you have the point

2. To understand the statement when they are talking about a specific topic, you say

  • 噢,是这样啊。ō ,shì zhè yàng ā 。- lit. Oh, Is that so.
  • 怪不得。guài bu de。- lit. No wonder!
  • 我说呢!wǒ shuō ne!

3. To describe a sequence of events when you wish to know more about an individual subject, you say

  • 然后呢 ?rán hòu ne ? – lit. And then
  • 后来呢?hòu lái ne ? – lit. Then
  • 你接着说。nǐ jiē zhe shuō 。- lit. Continue the topic
  • 那个。nà ge。- lit. that

4.To express yourself in a surprise situation when you hear a shocking news, you say

  • 啊 ā !- lit. Ah!
  • 真的(吗)? zhēn de (ma)? – lit. Is that real?
  • 不会吧!bú huì bā !- lit. I don’t think so

5. To express yourself in a hesitated response when you are unsure the answer, you say

  • 真的假的?zhēn de jiǎ de ?- lit. Is it real?
  • 真的吗? zhēn de ma? – lit. Is it true?
  • 是吗? shì ma? – lit. Really?

6. To seeking an agreed answer from someone, you say

  • 是不是? shì bú shì? – lit. Isn’t it?
  • 对不对? duì bú duì? – lit. Right?

7. Other familiar Chinese filler words 

  • 好吧! hǎo bā! – lit. Ok
  • 其实 qí shí – lit. Actually,
  • 知道吗? zhī dào ma? – Do you know?

If you would like to practice these Chinese filler words with the MP3, you can get it by clicking he image below.


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