3 Effective Ways to Use Your Dead Time to Study A Language: Chinese and Japanese

  • May 14, 2018 / Queenie Kawabe / 0 Comment

We all like to make excuses during our daily routine. When it comes to studying a language, many people say something those lines: “I am too busy” or “I don’t have time” or “Learning Chinese or Japanese is not my priority thing to do today.” These are the most common excuses I hear language learners say when they are caught up with work and life. However, many people have underestimated their dead time during the daily activities and thought not knowing how to use them effectively to study a language were valid excuses.

If you are looking for effective ways to kill time, here’s my 3 effective ways to help you use your dead time.

1. Reading online news

Many people spend more than 15 minutes on the train while commuting.  Some commutes are nearly 2 hours per trip in Japan and 30 minutes in Australia. You could use this dead time to read online news in Japanese or Chinese. With this method, it improves your reading skills and recognizing thousands of characters.

2. Using HelloTalk to talk to the world

We are approaching a digital world. Many people are often seeking an opportunity to talk with people from around the world. When you are commuting on the train or waiting for someone at the bus stop, you could use HelloTalk to talk to the world. It allows you to text-to-text in the language with the native speakers. Although you do not feel like studying, you are texting someone in the target language.

3. Listen to international radio

If you are driving or sitting in the traffic, listen to an international radio. You do not have to download it as long as you have the internet access and stream them online. I love this because I feel like I am in their countries.

Make it a habit and make it happen today! Don’t kill time when you could learn a new language. A small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent with your language learning adventure!

Happy Learning Chinese & Japanese, and leave a comment below and let me know – How do you use your dead time to study a language? Share with us your effective ways to kill time in your daily life. 


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