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Better Ways To Say “Thank You” in Chinese

  • June 11, 2018 / Queenie Kawabe / 0 Comment

Do you often say “谢谢 xiè xie” to Chinese speaker? Well, it’s time to change a different way to express yourself.

When people want to learn a new language, they often ask their friends to help them with the translation by saying “how do you say this or that”. I believe that many people often ask how do Chinese people say “Thank you” in Chinese and they usually respond to you by saying 谢谢 xiè xie.

Well, that’s really common. However, there are many better ways to express your kindness ( thank you ) in Chinese. You will find them very useful. Let me break it down for you with a brief English explanation and a few easy examples.

Different Ways to Say “Thank You” in Chinese:

  • To express simple and easy thank you in Chinese,  you say 谢谢(您/你)[ xiè xie (nín / nǐ)]
  • To express your kindness, you say 谢谢(您/你)的好意 [ xiè xie ( nín/ nǐ) de hǎo yì ]
  • 好意 hǎo yì means kindness
  • To express your kindness when someone gives you a present, you say 谢谢 (您/你) 的礼物)[ xiè xie (nín / nǐ) de lǐ wù ]
  • 礼物 lǐ wù means present
  • To express your kindness when someone did a huge favour for you, you say  太谢谢您了[ tài xiè xie nín le ]
  • To express your doubtful feeling on how to thank you someone, you say  真不知道怎么感谢(您/你)才好 [ zhēn bù zhī dào zěn me gǎn xiè (nín/ nǐ) cái hǎo ]
  • To express your most sincere thanks for all your kindness to everyone, you say 我向大家表示衷心的感谢 [ wǒ xiàng dà jiā biǎo shì zhōng xīn de gǎn xiè ]

You might have heard of 谢谢 xiè xie or 感谢 gǎn xiè in Chinese, they both mean “Thank you”. However, the latter word expresses the strong feeling and it is similar to the meaning of “grateful”.

您nín uses for the “formal” you, it is used for a written letter. nǐ uses for the “general” you, it is used for verbal.

If you would like to practice these phrases with the MP3, you can get it by clicking the image below.

Now It’s Your Turn

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