Helpful Websites to Use When Applying to Jobs in China

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Applying for jobs, wherever the location, can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. Sometimes it can be easier to apply for a job in your home location. From being familiar with the environment to being able to go directly into the office for an interview, these are countless perks that you may not have if you decide to apply for a job in a foreign country.

Finding a job in China can be a difficult process. There will be many factors you will need to consider, and it will require a little more effort on your part. However, the benefits of working abroad can be extremely rewarding for both your career and for personal growth. In the end, the extra time and energy you spend will feel worth it.

Some things to keep in mind before searching:

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Type of Job

You should have in mind what type of job you are looking for when deciding to move to China. Many fresh graduates out of university will find that teaching jobs are popular. Whether at an international school or a local kindergarten, there are a wide variety of options of teaching you can choose from. The most popular of course is to teach English, however, if you have experience in other areas, you will also find these available.

Know that foreign teachers get paid relatively well in China. This is mostly because of the high demand for learning English. Often, you will be able to find a job that could pay for housing, your visa, and potentially one part of your airfare. Do keep in mind that there are plenty of scams out there, or situations where a company will hold your passport until your contract has ended in order for you not to break your contract.

If you would rather find a job in your field of study, there are still many options. Due to China’s growing economy and locals who return from a foreign education, it can be more difficult to find a high paying job. The competition is fierce and you may need to sacrifice certain perks you would expect from your home country. Finding a larger company with an international presence can help with this, as you may be able to transfer to China as an expat.

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City to Live 

When deciding what city to live in, there will be several factors that play into this. Firstly, you will want to figure out what level of the “local feel” you will be comfortable with. For example, a smaller city in China may not have the same international perks as Beijing or Shanghai. From food to medical concerns to simply familiarity of living, there are many reasons you may want to stick to a more traditional expat city.

However, you may be looking for a more authentic China experience. Remember too that if you are looking to work in a city with a larger international presence, you will most likely be competing with many more foreigners for your position.

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Language Level of Fluency

Depending on your level of Chinese, your job search could be extremely limited or broadened. As mentioned before, since the exchange of Chinese students to receive an English-speaking education is fairly simple, the need for foreigners is starting to diminish. In addition, as Chinese has become quite a popular language to learn, there are many foreigners who can communicate efficiently, making them top choice candidates. To really make yourself marketable for a job in China, it is best to start learning some Chinese to stand out.

After you have a general idea of where and what you are looking for, you are ready to start searching. Of course, you should start out with contacting any physical connections you may have in China. To make the process go a little more smoothly, here are a few helpful websites to use while applying to jobs in China.

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China LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has seen a huge success in China and is an excellent site to use to find jobs in China. Not only is it not blocked by the government in China (unlike other job sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.), it also has a growing presence of Chinese companies. This means that whether you are in your home country or in China, you can easily search for jobs. It is also an excellent tool to connect with recruiters and get a good idea of others who work at the potential company you are interested in working.

Forums of Specific Cities

Another excellent place to look for jobs is on city forums. This is mainly helpful when you already have a general idea of where you want to live. However, if you are open to options, you can always check a variety of sites and apply for various cities. For Beijing, you can try The Beijinger, where you will find plenty of teaching and non-teaching jobs available. Smart Shanghai has an employment section as well and if you are in the creative field, you can check out Creative Hunt for Shanghai or Beijing. A variety of jobs in Shenzhen can be found on Shenzhen Party, and at, you can specify your city as well.


If you do have some Chinese knowledge, you can also try searching for more specific Chinese websites related to your field. Remember that many of these will be targeted to the local Chinese, however, it never hurts to apply. For example, BuildHR is an excellent site for those in the architecture, construction and design field. Of course, you will need some level of Chinese to navigate through the website.

Hopefully the above websites can help jumpstart the process for you to make the move in getting a job in China!

Have you gone through the process of applying to jobs in China? Do you have any website recommendations not on the above list? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!


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