Fluent Japanese Club for JLPT students

What is Fluent Japanese Club?

Fluent Japanese Club is an all-around approach to mastering Japanese for JLPT learners. The course is designed for dedicated and passionate Japanese self-learners who want to master Japanese, and have a better understanding of Japanese culture. Whether you're preparing to take one of the JLPT exams or simply want to boost your proficiency with Japanese grammar patterns and vocabulary, our Fluent Japanese Club will challenge you to work at your highest level to speak and write clearly and confidently. We provide:

  •  A method of teaching using authentic Japanese stories, which has changed thousands of students’ lives who now speak and write Japanese with confidence and fluidity.
  •  A comprehensive and completely online Japanese course, allowing you to learn in your own time from the comfort of your home or work.
  •  Grammar explanations with examples from various authentic situations that help you respond with accuracy to Japanese questions.
  •  An experience which will help you become more at ease in readily and handily using your Japanese, be it in social life, work life, or for fun


You're here for a reason

Perhaps you’ve been learning Japanese on and off, and can’t find the motivation to stay consistent with your study.  

Or maybe you can’t find the time to study because you’re too exhausted after your busy schedule and you haven’t yet figured out how to improve your speaking and writing. You’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can personally achieve, and you know it.  

But my guess is since you’re reading this, you’re ready to change all that. Whether you’re a busy college student, an action-oriented self-learner, or a highly skilled expat professional in Japan, here’s one thing that’s certain: 

You can achieve joy in your Japanese studies, while improving your speaking and writing skills to express yourself more confidently and clearly!

Who should join?

Assistant Language Teachers In Japan

Individuals who are teaching English in Japan and want to improve their spoken Japanese

Busy Working People Employed by a Japanese Company 

Working people who are wanting to have a better understanding of Japanese culture

Action-Oriented, Ambitious Self-Learners

Students of all ages who are studying Japanese language at school or university

Complete Course Modules 

Each module will be released on the first week of each month. You can study at your own pace without worries, including a monthly module guide, a monthly story with MP3 with transcipt, grammar explanation & example given, a practice question set, and a kanji & vocabulary list.

  • Module 1 : International Student Life 
  • Module 3 : I Made a New Friend
  • Module 5 : Japan's Toilets
  • Module 7 : A Bad Experience At Work
  • Module 9 : Hou-Ren-Sou
  • Module 11 : O-Bentou Boxed Lunches
  • Module 2 : Comic Market
  • Module 4 : Nomi-nication
  • Module 6 : Radio Exercises
  • Module 8 : Welcome to an Unpopular Prefecture!
  • Module 10 : Who Pays On A Date?
  • Module 12 : You Can't Ride This Train


Enroll today to receive these bonuses

Weekly JLPT Grammar Live Lesson

We will discuss the assigned reading in detail and dissect individual sentences and go over grammar patterns each month.

Speaking Sessions for Premium Members

Each speaking session will have one or two engaging and authentic speaking activities that give you a guided but flexible and independent speaking experience with a small group of other students. 

Writing Correction for Premium Members

Each writing assignment will contain prompts and questions related to the assigned reading. Students in turn will write free form answers.  

Personalized Study Plans

You will get personalized study plans. We will give you tailored advice on your grammar, cadence, and vocabulary usage, and give you advice on exactly what to do to improve your Japanese study. 

Private Community on Facebook

Here you can chat with other members, ask questions, share your study tips, practice your speaking and correct other students' work.  

JLPT Kanji List 

You will be given a list of JLPT N5 - N3 Kanji that are not available to anyone but Fluent Japanese Club members. 

 2020 Awesome Printable Study Planner

You will get an awesome printable planner to keep your life and studies organised in one place through the whole year. 

20% Off Japanese Conversation Club Membership 

If you feel like you need more help with your speaking, as a member you'll receive 20% off of Japanese Conversation Club Membership. 

Lifetime 24/7 Help And Support 

If you have any questions, need help, or just want some extra motivation and support, our teachers are there for you.


Fluent Japanese Club Teachers

クイニー Queenie 

リリー Lily  

Why should I sign up?

Our Fluent Japanese Club could easily sell for thousands of dollars. Why?  

Because learning these strategies will help you master your Japanese language 100% faster.  

The strategies you learn here will help you reclaim your motivation, energy and time. You don’t have to waste time and money on books or classes.  

No other course in the world provides this level of support, materials or one on one service.  

This course is life changing. Instead of selling this course for thousands of dollars, we will make this accessible and affordable for you. Right now, we only have limited spots available. AND, We will also never offer our courses at such a low price again. Now is the time join.

When you join, you get instant access to the first module + ALL THE BONUSES. Amazing, right?

This means you can listen to the first module today or you can listen to it at your own pace whenever you like. Everything is digital, downloadable and yours to keep forever. Now is the time join. You need to be committed to make sure you get the most out of it.


Everything is Online. No Travel Required

Learn At The Comfort of Your Home or Work 

The program is based online so you can participate from home or work.  

You have the access to a new Fluent Japanese Club online module each month, and you can go through the material each week at your own pace. You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Fluent Japanese Club Students and Japanese teachers online.