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A Conversation Club for Japanese Learners Who Want To Be Confident Intermediate Speakers

What’s in the Fluent Japanese Conversation Club?

When you sign up for the Fluent Japanese Conversation Club, you get access to both categories of our sessions. You can sign up for whichever sessions you want, at any time! Each session is 60 minutes with no more than 5 students so that each student can get as much time both speaking and listening as possible. 

Daily Conversation

JLPT Grammar

Practice using casual language, colloquial speech, and polite language to talk about the topics that interest you!  

Hear live JLPT grammar pattern explanations and examples, ask grammar questions, and get listening and speaking practice too.

What are the speaking opportunities in this club?

Professional & Supportive Teachers

 We know the exact problems that you’re having now. We are here to serve and support you emotionally, physically and mentally on your journey.

Engaging & Authentic Speaking Activities 

Each session will have one or two engaging and authentic speaking activities that give you a guided but flexible and independent speaking experience with a small group of other students.

Warm & Patient Japanophile Friends 

Improve your speaking skills and enhance your fluency by practicing with fellow Fluent Japanese Conversation Club students -- people who share your aspirations and interests! 

Flexible Sessions

We provide 8 different and interesting sessions each week; 4 on Mondays and 4 on Thursdays. You can choose morning or night sessions based on your availability

Personalized Feedback 

 We will give you tailored advice on your grammar, cadence, and vocabulary usage, and give you advice on exactly what to do to improve your speaking. 

Mindset Support  

Achieve the motivation, positive attitude and focus you need in order to train your ears and tongue to speak fluid Japanese with no stress.

Everything is Online. No Travel Required

Join Us On Zoom From The Comfort of Your Home or Work 

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The Most Affordable & Flexible World-Class Online Language Practice Club 

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Japanese Language Teachers

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