Speak Fluent Japanese Without Stress

Fluent Japanese Conversation Club helps Japanophiles have a happier, more positive Japanese speaking experience 

What’s In The Fluent Japanese Conversation Club

Reclaim your time, energy and motivation now! You have access to all the varieties of sessions, whether you are looking for a real life Japanese conversation or a grammar explanation live lesson. We’re here to support and guide you to be an active speaker and listener. We know how difficult it is to find a speaking partner! Fluent Japanese Conversation Club is all about you. Each session is 55 minutes with no more than 4 students so that each student can get as much time both speaking and listening as possible. Now, we have two different types of sessions for you to join. 

Casual Conversation

Grammar Pratice 

Practice using casual language, colloquial speech, and polite language to talk about the topics that interest you!

Hear live explanations and examples of specific grammar patterns, ask grammar questions, and get both listening and speaking practice using those grammar patterns

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And How This Club Will Help You 

Professional & Supportive Teachers

We have taught thousands of students in a variety of educational institutions for the past decade. We know the exact problems that you’re having now. We are here to serve and support you emotionally, physically and mentally on your journey.

Engaging & Authentic Speaking Activities 

Each session will have one or two engaging and authentic speaking activities that give you a guided but flexible and independent speaking experience with a small group of other students. You can vote each week on what topics you are most interested in!

Warm & Patient Japanophile Friends 

Improve your speaking skills and enhance your fluency by practicing with fellow Fluent Japanese Conversation Club students -- people who share your aspirations and interests! 

Friendly & Joyful Platform 

We provide an easy-to-use and joyful learning platform so that you can create the joy of speaking Japanese with Japanophile friends all around the world. 

Personalized Feedback 

You will get personalized feedback on your spoken Japanese by a professional & supportive teacher when you purchase a package of 10 sessions. We will give you tailored advice on your grammar, cadence, and vocabulary usage, and give you advice on exactly what to do to improve your speaking. 

Mindset Support  

Achieve the motivation, positive attitude and laser focus you need to succeed so that you can prepare with the least stress possible to speak fluid Japanese and respond to any kind of Japanese question. 

Everything is Online. No Travel Required

Join Us On Skype From The Comfort of Your Home or Work 

Fluent Japanese Conversation Club is based online, so you can participate from home or work. Once you purchase a 10-session package, we will send you an email and guided instructions to join the Fluent Japanese Conversation Club platform.  

Who It's Perfect For

You want to maintain your Japanese level while in your home country. 

You want to initiate a Japanese conversation without freezing up.  

You want to talk to your Japanese friends and explain things in Japanese.  


The Most Afforable & Flexible World-Class Online Language Practice Club 

Reclaim Your Motivation, Energy & Time With Fluent Japanese Conversation Club now! We offer joyful and authentic speaking activities to Japanophiles all around the world. It is a place where we support you emotionally, physically and mentally in the journey towards fluency, helping you to develop real-world language skills that you can use to achieve goals such as living, studying or working in Japan. 

USD 150

Passionate & Dedicated Learner 10 sessions (valid for 2 months)


Lee Flower, South Dakota 

The FJC session was great! I am very deficient in my speaking ability and want to improve it to be on par with my reading ability for Japanese. It wasn't like reciting lines from the textbook. I liked the casual conversation we had for rest of the session. Got me to think in free-form to add to the conversation. I'm looking forward to more FJC sessions

Lachlan Goddard, Brisbane 

My experiences with FJC has always been highly positive. Queenie has created a relaxed and comfortable environment in which ideas and conversation can flow freely, giving me the confidence to utilise my Japanese skills in my day to day to life.

Jake-Lelder, New York  

My time with FJC has significantly upgraded my understanding of Japanese language and culture. The sessions were adapted to my ability and honed in on my areas of interest. I would highly recommend Fluent Japanese Conversation Club to anyone looking to further their understanding of Japanese language and culture. 

Meet The Fluent Japanese Conversation Club Teachers

クイニー Queenie 

  • Living in Fukuoka, Japan
  • Graduated with Graduate Diploma in Education & B.A. in Languages
  • 13 years of teaching experience in Australia, Malaysia & Japan to thousands of students.
  • Won "the best teacher" and "the best lesson" of 2016 in Japan
  • I love teaching because it is what I'm good at doing in my life and I believe teaching and learning with joy can bring happiness to my students
  • My special skill is to turn boring classes into engaging classes
  • I love traveling and food!  

リリー Lily  

  • Living on America's East Coast
  • Graduated with a B.A. in East Asian Studies
  • N1 level JLPT certificate
  • 10 years of teaching experience in Japanese, English, ESL, and art.
  • I love teaching because the more we learn about other languages and cultures, the more connected and understanding our world will become.
  • I love anime and cats!  


コジ Cody 

  • Living in Fukuoka, Japan 
  • 7 years of working experience in International Trade & Negotiation
  • Speak Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese fluently 
  • I love teaching because I want to show people the business world in Japan, and have a business conversation confidently 
  • I love photography and bearded dragon