Three Things You Must Know About the History of Anime

  • April 24, 2017
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(For a full listing of our articles on Japanese culture, click here!) Anime has existed…

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What Exactly is “Te Form” in Japanese

  • April 17, 2017
  • 6

If you watch J-dramas or listen to Japanese music, you have definitely heard Te Form…

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A Guide to Japanese Alphabetization : Romaji

  • April 10, 2017
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English is everywhere in Japan. It’s on advertisements, clothing, and packaging. Yet, many CD and…

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How Japanese Celebrate Valentine’s Day : Giri Choko vs ...

  • February 9, 2017
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How People in Japan Celebrate Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day in Japan is a major part…

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How to Type Japanese Characters on iPhone and Android P...

  • February 2, 2017
  • 2

How to Type Japanese Characters on Your IPhone or Android Whether you are learning Japanese as…

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