Shinshu University 信州大学

  • Nagano, Japan 長野県

Shinshu University has quite a few programs for exchange students that do not have any Japanese language requirements. However, they do not have undergraduate programs conducted in English; and so their undergraduate programs may be ideal for students who have studied Japanese and are looking to have a truly immersive experience with the language. Courses in English can be taken at some of Shinshu University’s graduate schools, and some research work at Shinshu University can be conducted in English.

Shinshu University has a world-class multi-field research center. Another of its distinguishing features is its Faculty of Textile Science and Technology — the only such faculty in Japan.

This university is located in Nagano Prefecture, quite near to the Japanese Alps; an area known for its hot springs (some of which are frequented by small monkeys), Buddhist temples (some of which you can stay overnight at), and the UNESCO World Heritage village Shirakawa-go.


入学金 Matriculation Fee: ¥282,000

学費 Tuition: ¥535,800 per year


  • Agricultural and Life Sciences

Arts (Literature)

  • Philosophy and Art
  • Cultural Information and Sociology
  • Experimental and Social Psychology
  • History
  • Comparative Language and Culture
  • English Language and Culture
  • Japanese Language and Literature



  • Materials Chemistry
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Water Environment and Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Architecture

Textile Science and Technology 

  • Textiles and Kansei Engineering
  • Machinery and Robotics
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Applied Biology


  • Medicine
    • Basic Medicine
    • Clinical Medicine
  • Health Science
    • Nursing
    • Medical Technology
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy Science


  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Science

Economics and Law

  • Applied Economics
  • Law


  1. EJU Result
    1. Japanese as a foreign language
    2. Science
    3. Japan and the World
    4. Mathematics
  2. TOEFL (PBT / iBT) or TOEIC L&R Result
  3. Entrance Examination
    1. Written examination 
    2. Interview

Living Cost

In addition to matriculation fee and tuition fee, average living expenses including accommodation, foods, entertainment, phone bill, and study materials are approximately ¥79,000 per month.

International students are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week only. According to the recent survey, the minimum wage is ¥795 per hour in Nagano Prefecture.


Matsumoto Campus, Shinshu Daigaku 3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, 390-8621, Japan

Nagano-Education Campus, 6-Ro, Nishinagano, Nagano City 380-8544, Japan

Nagano-Engineering Campus, 4-17-1, Wakasato, Nagano City 380-8553, Japan

Ina Campus, 8304, Minamiminowa-Village, Kamiina-County 399-4598, Japan

Ueda Campus, 3-15-1, Tokida, Ueda City 386-8567


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